14 Days to Rendcomb College

I woke up a little late today as I had slept quite late. After having breakfast, I watched some TV and tried subscribing to the Comedy Central Channel on the DTH service provider’s website. I had to call the customer care and it took about 25 minutes to get to the option and enable it. I then read a book for sometime and then had lunch. Mom made Dry Bitter Gourd with Roasted Gram Paste for the Rice. I love this particular combination.

After having lunch, I started to Code and kept on Coding till about 4:00 PM. Vishal came home at that time and we had some evening snacks. Mom made pancakes today. They were wonderful with some honey and also with some Nutella to go with it. After that, we watched Food Tech¬†on History TV. Today’s show was about school lunchboxes. They consisted of a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich, A Juice Pack, A Pack of Baby Carrots, Cheddar Cheese Crackers and a Dessert. Almost all of the items are completely off the supermarket shelf and requires very little preparation unlike here in India where Mom’s prepare a good portion of food for lunch. I used to take a few Idli’s or Chappati’s to school along with Some Chutney or Curry. Snacks consisted of a few biscuits or cookies. My mom used to take an even bigger lunch which was brought to her school afternoon by a servant working at their house. My grandmother also used to get her lunch delivered to her by a servant.

We then had some wonderfully Spicy Bhel Puri after having the sweet pancakes. I then got back to code for about 30 minutes and then had to leave to the doctor for a vaccination. It was a long wait at the Hospital. The doctor asked me when I was leaving to the UK and also what subjects I had chosen. I then came back home and finished dinner. I then used Facebook for sometime to chat with a few friends and set up a meet before I leave to the UK. I am now writing this post as I have a twitter convo with my Computer Science Teacher at Rendcomb. Signing off !

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