20 Days to Rendcomb College

photo 1-771314Today’s post is different, as I am writing this using Blogger’s Post Via Email feature while on the bus. I am on my way to chennai today to attend my visa interview.

Today morning was fast with my packing my bag needed for the chennai trip and also re-checking hrs Visa Documents and other things necessary for the application.

Then, I listened to music for sometime and then read a few photo 2-775591articles.

In the evening, I made some sweet corn soup myself and indulged ! After that it was some time for article reading. I also purchased a Snickers Chocolate Bar and a 5 Star to enjoy something sweet.
After dinner, I went to the Hanuman Temple to pray for the visa application’s success and then came back to watch the World Wars Documentary on History TV. I watched for about 5-10 minutes and then had to leave to the bus stop. At the KPN Office there in the waiting room, I met one of my old school senior Gyanendra Singh and chatted for a while. Then, It was time to board the bus and now after the bus has reached the outer city, I am writing this blog post.

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