24 Days to Rendcomb College

Breakfast was Dosas with Sambhar. Then, I sat together with my brother and we discussed about both of our projects. Mine was code based and he was doing a project based on Graphic Designing. Mom also made wonderful Vermicelli Payasam (An Indian Milk based Dessert) for me. I love Vermicelli Payasam very much.

The evening consisted of a movie at TheCinema, Brookfields Mall with my brother Vishal. We watched the recently released hindi movie called “Entertainment”. photo 3
‘Entertainment’ is the name of a dog who is a wonderful companion to the hero’s father and also had saved his life once. So the hero’s father decides in his will that the heir to his assets is the dog. This is not accepted by the hero and he tries to kill the dog and on one such occasion where he tries to do so, the dog saves his life and sacrifices its own life. This incident makes the hero change his view towards ‘Entertainment’ and starts treating him like his own brother. The movie was enjoyed along with Popcorn and Pani Puri.

After the movie, both of us felt like we needed some good exercise. So, we decided to walk back home and it took us about 10 to 15 minutes. After a wonderfully chill walk in the night, both of us were waiting for dinner. We had Naan and Green Peas Gravy. After an extremely stomach filling dinner, I am now writing this post and will be off to sleep soon.
photo 4

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