A Jumble Sale Experience

I am writing this post from Ampney Crucis, a small Cotswold Village of about 600 people, where I stayed for the weekend. An interesting thing I did over the weekend was to attend a jumble sale.


“A Village Jumble sale is organised monthly to support and fundraise for a cause. People donate unwanted items and these are then sold.”, my host for the weekend explains to me. As you know, I am very much interested in books and I set out on a walk to the Village Hall to see if I can find some interesting books. It was a good and short walk thanks to the unusual bright and sunny weather today.

This would be my first experience of a British Jumble Sale and I was particularly keen on finding some wonderful books to add to my collection.12033482_1204235039593429_1995978617_n

Jumble Sales are very local and you could come across some amazing stuff which are sold at unbelievably cheap prices. I was lucky enough to find some amazing books in my first attempt.

I came across books which I wouldn’t have if I was shopping online or even in a bookstore. One positive aspect of jumble sales is that the items are put in a pile. This means that you look through books belonging to different categories and might spot something very different.

The key part of my Jumble Sale visit was finding a wonderful red book printed in 1951.
These are some of the interesting stuff I bought at the Jumble Sale. I also bought a tie and a card game and spent 3 pounds in Total. I will be back to school in a few hours. Stay tuned for my next post!


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