13 Days to Rendcomb College

I woke up and had Dosas for breakfast today. After breakfast, I started to code and kept on coding till afternoon. In the afternoon, I had researched about the Airport – Rendcomb College Taxi and then compared their services. I also looked at what type of SIM I should buy and which service provider I … [Read more…]

14 Days to Rendcomb College

I woke up a little late today as I had slept quite late. After having breakfast, I watched some TV and tried subscribing to the Comedy Central Channel on the DTH service provider’s website. I had to call the customer care and it took about 25 minutes to get to the option and enable it. … [Read more…]

15 Days to Rendcomb College

After getting ready and having breakfast, I started to code for sometime and kept on coding till afternoon. I finished a few JavaScript exercises. It was then time for lunch. After lunch, I spent some time reading articles and using Quora, Then I left to the Titan Eye+ store to collect the spectacles that I … [Read more…]

21 Days to Rendcomb College

Today was a little hectic day. After waking up, I booked the visa appointment for the day after tomorrow and paid the Visa Fees. I then, checked all the documents and printed out all the forms that I needed and re-checked them. Then, I had my breakfast and then continued checking out my forms once … [Read more…]