The First European Township in India

I am at Kochi in the gods own country. So Kerala has been all green blogger-image-1486666426with a lot of trees and stuff. Today was the second day I was at INK Live and in the evening I had made a trip to Fort Kochi, the old town of kochi which was actually a fort built by the King and gifted to Vasco da Gama. So first we were walking around fort kochi. The roads were paved and I was wondering why it is called “Fort” Kochi. I then came to know that the fort is now demolished. The first piece of awesome colonial stuff was this street lamp which was in a very old typical style.

Next we did go on and we were walking through the market where fresh fish is sold. Some of them have makeshift stalls and sell fish. One speciality is that once you select the fish from a stall, they go to their own hotel and cook the fish for you. For the tech savvy, these hotels have WiFi for free !!! Next we saw the Chinese fishing nets.

blogger-image--1703835606These nets are extremely huge nets. Next on the list was Vasco da Gama’s original tomb. On the way, I came across a wonderful street side graffiti which was wonderful. It turns out that graffiti is illegal here but people don’t say anything. Who doesn’t love art ? blogger-image--1898240465

We walked and walked further and we came to the tomb. This was actually the original tomb of Vasco da Gama. His body was buried here for 14 years and then after that, the Portuguese took his body away.

blogger-image-1792726064After that we came to the parade groin in fort kochi which was famous for housing the mother tree, which was the oldest known tree in fort Kochi. It was super huge.
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