#TheNextLine – A Crowdsourced Story

01. There had been encounters before, but none as big as this- none as breathtaking as this

My versions of Line 02

  • I told Varun to stay away from this
  • I was left speechless by the sight of it
02. One doesn’t end up sitting next to a superstar on a 18-hour flight often
My Versions of line 03
  • I just couldnt stop listening to him. The dialogues ! WOW ! HE was talking to ME !!!
  • I had waited for this moment since I saw him first on the silver screen.
03. It was her dream come true, someone she adored her whole life, was besides her, sparkling like a dream.
My Versions of line 04
  • She was listening to him with a wonderful spark in her eyes which could be noticed in the dim airplane cabin
  • She was so happy to get this aisle side seat as she was previously fighting with the crew for a window side seat
04. she needed to breathe and make most of the flight… to tell him all her dreams.
My Versions of line 05
  • Just when Shriya turned around to start talking,She saw that he was reading a book
  • Just when Shriya got enough courage to turn and talk, The Airhostess brought boxes of cold sandwiches and placed it
  • Shriya was about to turn and speak up and suddenly “Maam ! Would you like a sandwich?”, Asked the airhostess
05. She wanted to start with school, but then was heartbroken when he plugged his earphones..Now..
My Versions of line 06
  • Shriya waiting for a good chance started to eat her cold airplane sandwich. *Cough* Superstar hands over the glass of water
  • Sriya waiting for a good chance to talk, started eating. She then coughed and the superstar hands over the glass of water
06. Now it was upon her to do something smart to catch his attention, and hold it, so she did
My Versions of line 07
  • Shriya tapped his shoulders and he turned around, took out his earphones and asked, “Yes ?” This was it
07. Shriya tapped his shoulders and he turned around, took out his earphones and asked, “Yes ?” This was it
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.52.05
Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 20.52.24

My line got selected ! Waiting for the rest of the story !!! Here are some tweets after that !

I named the character “Shriya”. Not really sure how I got that particular name

08. “Do you know what its like to be on a flight with a superstar?” She asked. He smiled and….
A tweet says !

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I tried for the lines from 2 to 7 and luckily my tweet was chosen for tweet 7. I am not sad as I am the person who was selected 6th, but I am happy as I named the character in this story. Such an honour !

09.[smiled and] replied, “Well, if I did, wouldn’t I be where where you are? Deep, huh?”
10. Shriya seemed confused at the mildly arrogant reply. Maybe she imagined her idol man a little differently.
11. She stated at him with amazement like a baby on his first day out and finally took out her..
12. [she took out her] lipstick, just to drop it on the floor as the plane lurched forward.
13. He bent to get it as she did too & their heads bumped into each other. She stared at his face,so near
14. hers. She was flustered, mumbling apologies, he stared into her eyes. This had to be a dream!
15. “Were you just trying to steal my lipstick”, asked Shriya.
16. She knew she had said something stupid. Her cheeks turned red and she looked away immediately
17. She thought of salvaging the situation. “Look, a dragon!” she said, pointing outside.

My responses for 18

  • Expecting laugher from him, Shriya was shocked. The superstar started crying…
18. The dragon? How did you know about the dragon?,he said. I thought ordinary folk couldn’t see it!
19. Just as the Dalai Lama turned around to look at her, she suddenly regained her composure.

Dalai Lama ???

20. For a moment he looked away, as she brought out her light-saber and ran it through his heart.

How can a weapon be got on board a plane ?
I hate you people playing around with my character ! 
21. and she watched in awe as he turned back, with a benign smile, the light saber doing nothing more than ruffle his robes. 
22. Everything was normal until she felt a heavy jerk.”Dont panic” was the only thing she heard
23. But she could already hear her master’s wrath at her folly.huge cracks began to appear on the…
24. [on the] wall and the knock on the door was enough to send shudders down the spine.
25. The smell of rot and brimstone filled her nose and she knew her master was near. Chairman Mao was coming for his agent. 

My Responses for 26

  • Poof ! She could feel water splashing on his face. She was not she. It was he. He controlled her body from a telecontroller

26. As Chairman Mao walked towards her in in crisp suit and polished shoes the smell of his scent filled the air. 

My response for 27

  • She sneezed not once, but twice on smelling chairman mao’s strong scent
27. “Good thing that was a simulation eh, Shriya?” he said
My response for 28
  • Yup ! This is a really wonderful lightsaber ! How many are we building ?, asked Shriya
28. That was when she knew the shit started. #Lama and #Mao in room. She prayed to get her out of this mess.
My response for 29
  • She was about to faint, when a deep voice spoke “Congrats Shriya ! You are the winner of the Dare and Scare Challenge”
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