Trip to UWE Bristol

We visited the University of the West of England at Bristol as part of our Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Projects Trip.

We got onto a coach at about 9:30 AM with our Chemistry Teacher Mrs Wyndow and few other students Jacob, Harry, Shannon, Sam and few other people. Here is a picture of us in the coach sans a few people.

We reached the University at about 10:15 AM and then headed straight to the Library where we were received by a University Staff Member and given a tour of the library. The library was spread across 5 floors and had different zones on each level ranging from the Discussion Zone to the Extra Quiet Zone.

After the tour, we were taken to a private room reserved for Rendcomb Students so that we can keep our stuff and go on with our work. Our main objective for the day was to gather as many research papers, articles and books as we can which relate to our EPQ Topic. My initial question was
“To what extent will robots influence our lives in the future ?”. Over the course, this question will be more narrowed down and be more specific. I will be sharing the progress here as regularly as I can.

After searching the Library’s Databases, I came across about 10-15 Research Articles, 5 Different Books and Two Lecture Recordings which closely relate to my question. I then noted down the location of the Books and the CD’s and proceeded to get them. I got back after finding two books. I then sat down and started downloading the Research Papers and saving them on my Google Drive as my Memory stick wasn’t recognized by the university computer. I think that might be due to security settings enabled by them.

IMG_1536[1] IMG_1539[1] We then headed to the cafeteria for lunch. I bought a Vegetarian Feta Cheese and Salad Sandwich along with a Kit Kat and started munching on them. We were sitting down in the open air seating space which was really cold for me even though I was wearing a blazer.

As we were eating, We talked about each other’s topics and exchanging our views. I got to know a few facts from the other students. We completed eating and then moved back to our Base for the day.

I then proceeded to get the other books and then browse through them to find any relevant information. I then photocopied them. It was now time for us to go back to college and so we got on the bus feeling a little tired, but excited after a day of running around in the library.

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