Walking along the River Coln

As it was an exeat weekend, I was able to go on a walk yesterday in Fairford. I walked about 12 Kilometres in the picturesque Cotswold Countryside. Fairford is a small town in Gloucestershire and has a population of about 5000 people. The route was about 5 kilometres long and took me through some wonderful countryside views.


What made the walk even more delightful was the wonderful sunshinIMG_8876e. The panorama above is of a rapeseed field. It is very common to notice expansive fields of these bright yellow flowers in the Cotswolds region during the summer.


The route was mostly along a road and after walking for sometime, I noticed a field with a few cows next to the road. This was a good opportunity for a good picture.

This is the River Coln. There were a few ducks here on this side of the bridge. I also noticed a few swans on the other side of the bridge. But I wasn’t able to take a good picture of them to add to this post. But you probably know what swans look like, right?

Here are some more pictures from my walk.




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